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Options for Storing Glitter

Options for Storing Glitter

Kathleen on 13th Oct 2020

Storing Glitter is a topic that comes up several times a day in social media message boards. As with everything else in the creative world of crafters, there is no ONE right way to store glitter. There are several factors you have to consider before deciding on which way works best for you, including the amount and type of storage space and glitter that you have to work with. Do you have wall space? A bookshelf? A drawer system? A desk? Do you have tablespoons of glitter to store, or pounds of glitter? Remember that every order of Paradise Glitter glitter comes with a free labeling sticker for whichever method suits you best, so you always have a pretty label, no matter the way you choose to store! Below are a handful of ideas that I have seen or tried myself - I hope they help guide you to a solution for storing your own glitter!

1. Keep Glitter in Baggies

When you buy glitter from Paradise Glitter, you will receive them in a heavy-duty, reusable baggie. These bags are already labeled and ready to use. The baggies can be opened and closed indefinitely, so use what you need and pour the excess back into the baggie. A tip I'll offer if using a larger amount of glitter for a project, is to pour the glitter from the bag to a small bathroom cup or tea strainer, for better control. When you are done, pout excess from cup back into bag for storage. Also, you want to make sure that you keep the glitter sealed so that moisture (humidity) doesn't ruin your glitter! You can buy a simple Dollar Tree container to store these baggies neatly and keep yourself organized by glitter type: Chunky, Fine, Holographic, Shapes, etc. 

2. Transfer Glitter into Spice Shakers

If you have a book shelf, wall space, or a drawer that you can keep store your glitter, transferring the glitter from the baggie to a spice shaker is a great way to store your glitter. You can buy shakers in bulk food stores or online. They cost around $1 each. There are options to consider when buying your shakers: Pour and shake lid, shake-only lid, screw/unscrew only lid, etc. Most 2 ounce bags of glitter will fit in a 4 ounce spice shaker. Once transferred over, use the label that came with your order from Paradise Glitter, and your glitter is ready to be stored. You can then display the glitter on a tiered spice rack on a bookshelf or shelf; or you can attach them to your wall using clips for spice jars; or you can place them on their side in a drawer system.

3. Transfer Glitter into Craft Mason Jars

One disadvantage to the spice shakers is that you can't stack them. So if your space would be better utilized with a stacking system, consider the 4oz plastic crafting 'Mason Jars'. Simply pour the glitter from your bag into the container and close the lid. The round top is perfect for your round Paradise Glitter label and the jars are now stackable. Because this is just a storage container, there is not "shake" option, but you can work with your glitter the same way as recommended in #1 above.

4. Use a Combination of Solutions

Who says you can only use one method? Put your chunkies in mason jars, fines in spice shakers, and keep the shapes in baggies. You decide what works best for you, your space, and your work flow! There is no one right way to do this. And if anyone cares how I store my glitter, #4 is my way!! It works for me, my space, and my work flow. 

There are many things in life that make one feel happy: Love, Family, Fun, Vacations, and Diamonds. Glitter is right up there on the scale of things that make a glitter-lover feel happy, so take the time to figure out a system that works best for you so that every time you see your glitter, you smile.

Keep Sparkling,