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Glittering Made Easier

Glittering Made Easier

Kathleen on 29th Aug 2020

When I first started crafting, coordinating like glitters was a problem for me. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that every yellow glitter would not show up yellow on my base. I had no concept of glitter types: Iridescent, metallic, holographic, luxury, opal, etc. - it was all GLITTER to me. I didn't understand the different effects that different glitters would have on different bases.

I'll never forget my first test tumbler. It was a Dollar Tree "Stainless" tumbler. I taped off the edges, painted base black, mod podged the glitter on, sealed the glitter, and then added epoxy. I remember my frustration as I added the epoxy watched the glitter DISAPPEAR. WTF?! 

Turns out the iridescent glitters look beautiful in the bottle, but "get lost" when on different color bases. So, that day I learned that if I wanted a shiny yellow, I should have painted the base yellow and then added yellow iridescent glitter. 

My next test tumbler was to attempt a rainbow tumbler. Same tumbler, but with a white base. I had all the colors of the rainbow and thought I was good to go. First, I applied the red metallic glitter. It looked amazing. Next, I added the only orange I had- an iridescent. Right away I noticed that the orange was very faded when compared to the red. Yellow iridescent was the same as the orange- much more translucent then the red. Green was a holographic. It gave off a different shine. Blue was another iridescent and Purple was an opal mix. Even though all of the glitters were fine glitters purchased from a glitter vendor, my rainbow cup looked nothing like what I had envisioned.

My lesson in these first trial experiments: Not all glitters are created equally! 

When I started selling glitter, I wanted to provide LIKE glitters in BUNDLES so that my customers would not be disappointed, like I was, when I was new and simply didn't know better! Every person learns through trial and error, so there is no shame in making mistakes! In fact, making errors, like I did, is the surest way to NOT repeating that mistake again! I feel that by having a complete bundle of one type of glitter, you can create unlimited color combinations, consistently! So, when you buy the Beach Glitter Bundle, and post a gorgeous tumbler you made with it to sell, you can duplicate that same color combination, without question, for your clients!

I currently have a handful of bundles available in my store



Coming soon: Pencil Bundle, Christmas Bundle and Winter Bundle. 

Let me know what other bundles you would like to see!